Overview Page

The Overview page is an overall snapshot of what is happening in your Bill.com account.

Access to

From the Overview page, you can access:

  • Vendors/Customers
  • Bills/Invoices
  • Payments in/out
  • Pay bills
  • and more… Overview page

Additional Steps

Additional steps that need to be completed to set up your account will be displayed here. Additional Steps

Bill Pay grid

From the Bill Pay grid you can easily:

  • Enter a new bill
  • Pay bills in bulk or individually on the Bills to Pay tab
  • View payments out history on the Payments Out tab
  • View Bills to approve on the Bill Approvals tab
  • View Bill assigned approvers and approval status
  • Open Invoices tab: View all open invoices
  • View payments received history on the Payments In tab
  • Filter by vendor name, customer name and other criteria, on all tabs

Bulk Pay grid with approvers

Left navigation bar

The left navigation stays there no matter what page you are on. From this bar, you can navigate to:

  • Overview
  • Inbox
  • Vendors
  • Bills
  • Payments Out
  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Payments In
  • Reports
  • Support
    Left Navigation bar


From the Actions drop-down, you can access quick actions with just one click:

  • Enter a bill
  • Pay a vendor
  • Add a vendor
  • Send an invoice
  • Add a customer
  • Received payments
  • Charge a customer


Do more with Bill.com

Other features available to you will be displayed here. Do more with Bill.com