About Bill.com

Bill.com is the leading digital business payments company, creating magically simple Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solutions. We serve small and mid-sized businesses, working to streamline invoicing and automate payments.

Using our Payables feature, businesses can approve and pay bills in half the time. By paying through ACH, our customers can pay their vendors 2-3 times faster than traditional mail-in payment methods.

The first step to paying and being paid through Bill.com is to create an account. On the Bill.com homepage, you can sign up for an account. On the sign up page, customers can create direct accounts and accountant console accounts. These are premium accounts with pricing available online:

Direct Pricing

Accountant Pricing

If you were expecting to use Bill.com for free because you were invited by a current Bill.com customer, click the sign up link below the signup screen, noting that you were invited to pay or be paid by a Bill.com customer:

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