Basic Accounts and 2-Factor Authentication (Multi-factor authentication): FAQ

Why am I receiving an email notification from

  • You have previously signed up for a Receivables account and have used to receive funds from a customer.

What is 2-Factor authentication?

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual factor authentication, is a security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify their identity before a user can update certain account information in order to better protect the account.

Why am I being asked to set up 2-Factor authentication?

  • The security of your account is our first priority. To help protect your account, we are requiring this additional layer of security to be added, to help us verify your identity when you use to receive or send payments.

Why having 2-Factor authentication is important?

  • Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to the authentication process, which makes it harder for someone that you didn’t authorize to gain access to your account.

What if I do not have a mobile phone?

  • As long as you have access to a phone, you can proceed to set up 2-FA and select to receive the authentication token via phone call (voice) instead of text.

How will my phone number be used?

  • The phone number that you provide for 2-Factor authentication will be used for 2-FA and may also be used to provide you with information about your account. Your phone number will not be used for marketing purposes without your consent.

When will the 2-Factor authentication be invoked?

  • will be sending a secure token to your phone when you attempt to make certain changes in your account.

Can I change the phone I use for 2-Factor authentication?

Can I disable 2-Factor authentication on my account?

  • No, having 2-Factor authentication on your account is a requirement that cannot be disabled for your security.

Can I receive 2-Factor codes if I am traveling?

  • If your carrier allows you to receive messages abroad, you will be able to continue receiving 2-FA codes when required by To make sure you are able to receive messages abroad, you may consider adding a back up phone number.

Can I add an international phone number for my 2-Factor authentication?

What if I no longer have access to the phone number that was used to set up 2-Factor authentication on my account?

  • Contact our support team for help with re-authentication.

I am no longer using my account, how can I cancel it?

  • You can cancel your account at any time by contacting our support team.