June 2019 - Release highlights

Updated Help Drawer

When you click Help on any available page while logged into Bill.com, not only will you still see tutorial videos, you will now see the top 3 applicable support center articles based on the page you are viewing. You can also search for any other articles right on the same page, and open in a new tab if needed.


Bills list page

In this release, we have made a few updates to the Bills list page:

  • Added a Balance Due column
  • Added the ability to customize which columns to show or hide from the gear icon in the Actions column
  • Added the ability to resize the width of each column by click and drag

Vendor payments tab

We have updated the vendor payments tab on vendor details pages to have the new payment statuses.

Creating and editing bills

  • Other users can now be tagged in the Note to Payers or Approvers field
  • If you hover over the vendor name, a window will popup showing the following:
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Address new
    • Pay to
    • Payment Terms
    • AutoPay
    • Account Number: new
    • 1099 Vendor: Yes/No : new
    • Tax ID: new
    • Primary email : new
  • The ability to search by the following when coding a bill has been added:
    • Chart of Account: Account number & account name
    • Department: Dept Short name & name
    • Classes: Class ID & name
    • Location: Location ID & name
  • When viewing a bill (bill details page), you can now independently scroll the bill summary and any attached documents
  • Drop down fields now have infinite-scroll; scroll through the first 100 records, then infinite search will pull up the next batch of 100 records automatically. This release, we added this on:
    • Chart of account field on single offline payment and single print check
    • Create Bill Page; single and multiple expense:
    • Chart of Account
    • Location
    • Department
    • Class
    • Job
    • Employee
    • Customer
    • Item

International Payments

  • 28 countries have been added to our International Wires offering

Payments and credits

  • A new payment status of Check issued has been added.
    • Check processed and date is less than Arrives by date = Sent
    • After arrives by date but less than 20 days old = Check Issued
    • Check more than 20 days old = Uncashed
  • Unapproved Vendor credits can now be applied
  • With this release, if you have Payment Approvals on, there will be a new user email preference: "A payment needs approval from you" Yes | No to prevent cluttered inboxes
  • Auto Pay for vendors
    • Instead of auto pay being canceled if a bill is not approved 3 days before the process date, it will be 1 day before, for all vendors
    • If you do not have approve before pay turned on, AutoPay bills will now process on the expected process date, even if the bill has approvers but has not been approved


  • Console Denied Bills report has been updated with a new denied bills benchmark, we will be surfacing how a console is doing compared to other consoles like theirs
  • Export to .csv or Excel function added to:
    • Payments Out page
    • Payments In page
    • Invoices page


  • Amount due column will be added to the customer details’ invoices tab with this release. Amount due column will match the value from invoice details page.
  • With invoices marked 'Send later - US mail,' you can now mark them as printed.
    • Once invoices are marked as printed, they are removed from the 'Send later- Us mail' list
    • The last sent on date will update to the date on which the invoice is marked as printed.
    • Status will reflect on invoices and customer details page as “sent”
    • You will only be able to mark invoices in the "send-later-US Mail" bucket as printed
  • After this release, an invoice number column will be added to the payments tab of the customer details page.
  • Review and customize the emails you're sending to your customers when you send out invoices in bulk


  • Save and Next option has been added when creating a bill from a document with multiple bills/pages
    • Single page attachment:
      • Save or Save and next = takes you back to the inbox with the next unprocessed document displayed
      • If there are more than one attachment it will move to the next attachment
      • If there are no more attachments, it will move to the next Inbox item
    • Multi-page attachment:
      • Save = takes you back to the inbox with the immediate next unassociated/unprocessed page of the same document displayed (if user has processed all pages of the document, back to the inbox)
      • Save and next = takes you back to the Inbox with the next unprocessed attachment displayed
  • Click and Capture: clear copied text by either right-clicking or hitting escape
  • You now have the ability to decide whether you'd like to attach a single page or all pages of a doc to your bill, and set a default that will be applied to all attachments in the future.
    • This setting can be changed in Inbox preferences; you will be prompted to save their preference the first time they process a multi-page document after this release.