May 2019 - Release highlights


  • The console logo will now appear in client accounts in our new UI, on the top left corner above the Overview page label
  • The new Denied Bills List report for consoles gives console admins a view of denied bills per client
  • Overall console summary level data has been added to the Payables Efficiency Insights report, averaging the totals across all clients


Approval groups

Along with our existing approval policies, we have added the option of approval groups. With Approval groups, you can add up to 10 users in a group, but only one user within the group needs to approve the bill before it either moves to the next approver/approver group or into approved status.

  • Users can be in multiple groups
  • A group cannot contain another group
  • Approver Groups can be selected while:
    • selecting approvers on a bill
    • in an approval policy
    • as default approvers in settings


  • The Payables Cash Details Export report has been updated with a Disbursement Reference column which will be populated with the Reference ID from the payment details page.
  • With this release, a new column in the Funds Transfer Detail report shows any foreign payment amounts separate from the USD amount, both in the correct amount per currency.
    • Subtotals will still only be in USD since that is how we debit them.


  • On the edit bills screen, you can now re-order a multi-page document
    • Users will need Edit Bill permissions
    • Re-ordering of pages is only supported within a single attachment
    • Re-ordering the pages of an attachment will not affect other attachments associated to the same bill
  • On the Bills page, we have added the ability to export your list of bills to Excel or a .csv file, based on the applied filters
    • Column headers are exported and data is exported in the appropriate columns
    • The order of columns will be maintained as it is displayed in the app
    • Document, notes, checkboxes and actions will not be exported
    • Filter lists are not exported
    • Action buttons are not exported
  • Click to Copy will…
    • now work up through 10 pages of a document
    • now enable you to copy a full vendor address and paste into a new vendor created as part of the process of creating a new bill

Vendor Credits

You can now apply vendor credits right from the Bills page.

Payments out statuses

We have updated our payment statuses to provide more accurate and updated statuses:

  • Pending Approval
  • Scheduled
  • Canceled
  • Processed
  • Sent
  • Cleared
  • On hold
  • Voided
  • Void Pending
  • Uncashed (a paper check that has not been cashed within 20 days)
  • Expired
  • Returned
  • Failed

The "Paid" status has now been replaced. All Uncashed, Failed, Returned payments will now show on the Payments Out page on a banner.

Check Payments

To prevent printing and shipping delays, if an invoice # is longer than 20 characters, we will only print the last 20 characters of the invoice # on a check payment.


If you use Intelligent Virtual Assistant, files classified as logos will now be filtered out and moved to the History tab. These files will not show up in the attachment list of the email sent to your inbox.

If the logo was mistakenly deleted, you can simply restore the file from the History tab.


  • When there is a credit memo or over payment available for a customer, "credits available" will now be displayed at invoice creation
  • When creating a new invoice for a customer who is set up for Auto Charge, you can now select whether the new invoice needs to be auto charged or not


With this release, you are now able to search for vendors in the network via advanced search with 3 pieces of info:

  • Company Name
  • Email address
  • Zip code

The search will pre-populate those fields if they have been filled out in the vendor form before clicking advanced search. If there are no matches for all 3 search terms, connections will be recommended based on the company name field.


With bundle 3.1 and later, the jobs field will now sync between and NetSuite. The jobs field will be available on bills if your account is syncing with NetSuite and has the accounting preference for Jobs turned on.

International Payments

Mexico was added to list of countries available international wires

  • CLABE number field will be added
  • There will be no account number field as this should be part of the CLABE number

With this release, we will be automating a process for failed International Wire payments.

  • If an international wire payment fails and there are no in flight payments for that vendor:
    • The funds will be automatically sent back to the AP bank account
    • The vendor’s international bank account will be deactivated
  • If an international wire payment fails and there are in flight payments for that vendor:
    • The funds will be auto remitted back to the AP bank account We will not deactivate the bank

Business email compromise (BEC) awareness

With Business email compromise (BEC) becoming an increasing threat, we'd like to be able to help you understand this threat and warn you if we see any red flags.

  • If a private vendor (a vendor with manually entered bank information) payment is over $10K and there has been a change to the vendor’s bank account information (new bank account) within the past 30 days, we will show a warnings:
    • on the vendor record
    • when a payer processes a single or a bulk payment
    • Warnings suggest double checking the vendor's bank information, but they do not prevent you from making a payment
  • If a private vendor (a vendor with manually entered bank information) payment is over $10K and the email is very new or disposable (meaning the domain or actual email address age is less than 30 days old), we will show the same warning.