Export Bills Page

Export and download your list of Bills right from the Bills page, for review, auditing, etc.

  1. Click Bills in the left navigation pane
  2. Click More actions
  3. Click Export .CSV or Export to Excel

Bills list export

Things to know

  • The included fields in the export are:
    • Invoice #
    • Vendor
    • Chart of Account
    • "Split" will display if there are more than one associated account
    • Invoice Date
    • Due Date
    • Invoice Amount
    • Type: vendor payment method (epayment or check)
    • Payment status
    • Approval Status
  • The exported file will appear in the Downloads section of your browser, titled "export" or "export-X" with X being the number of the export. For example, the first export file will be called "export," the next one will be called "export-2" and so on
  • Depending on the filters you have applied, the download will have the same filtered data
    • The filter list itself is not exported
  • The export will not include the values for document, notes, checkbox and actions