Approval Groups

As part of your payables workflow, you can use approval groups to ensure the validity of bills before payment, while not risking payment delays, should any one approver be unavailable.

Approval groups are a designated group of approvers you setup and assign to bills or policies, then any one of those approvers in the group can approve the bill. Once one approver from the group has approved, the bill is routed to the next approver/approval group, or is marked as approved if no more approvers are listed.

To create an approval group:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Approval Groups
  3. Click New
  4. Enter the approval group Name
  5. Enter an optional Description
  6. Click Save
  7. Check the Select box for all approvers you'd like in the approval group
  8. Click Save

Things to Know

  • An approval group's name will be listed on the Overview and Approvals pages, in place of the approver user's name. You can hover over the group name to see a list of the first 3 members, and click to see them all
  • Approval Groups assigned to a bill will show 3-4 approver names by default, depending on character length. Click the "X more" link it to see full list
  • When a member of an approval group approves a bill, the bill will show the name of the member who approved, under the approval group name.
  • There can be up to 10 users in a group
  • Users can be in multiple groups
  • A group cannot contain another group
  • Approver Groups can be selected while
    • selecting approvers on a bill
    • in an approval policy
    • as default approvers in settings
  • Approval notification emails will go out to all approvers in the group at the same time (based on their bills to approve email preference) and added to their to-do lists
  • As soon as any 1 user approves, the to-do list item for that bill is removed from all users in that group
  • The bill's audit trail will show the user who approved the bill but not that they were part of a group
  • Adding or removing a user from the group will apply retroactively to bills assigned to that group
  • Any new user added to a group will have a to do list item but will not get email notifications for bills the group was already assigned to. The will receive notification on future assigned bills.
  • If a group is inactivated, there will be a Fix Record to do item for Admins to fix the bills the deleted group was assigned to (see resources at the bottom of this article for more details)
  • If all users in an approval group are inactivated, the approval group will be inactivated
    • If the inactivated approval group is assigned to a bill(s), the bill(s) will be routed to the next approvers in line, and a Fix Record to do item will be added to Admin user's to do lists to remove the group
    • An email will go out to all users with manage company permissions, informing them that an approval group has been deactivated since all users in the group are inactive
  • Approver Groups are supported on our mobile app, IOS & Android