April 2019 - Release highlights

Chart of accounts

  • When adding new accounts to your chart of accounts while in process of creating a bill, you can now select a parent account.

  • A Chart of Accounts column has been added to additional pages:

    • Bills list page
    • Approvals page
    • Vendor details page (Bills tab)
    • Payment details page

New Help videos and availability

When you click Help on any available page while logged into Bill.com, you will now see some great new tutorial videos on the following:

  • Overview video
  • Navigation video
  • Inbox Video
  • Bulk Pay video

You will now also see the clickable Help icon on many more pages and workflow now, in order to access help without interrupting your work, such as

  • Creating a bill
  • Creating an invoice
  • Creating vendors
  • Creating Customers
  • Making Payments
  • And more!

Payments Out page update

On the Payments out page, you can now hover over the Payment Confirmation number and see the main details of the payment without having to click and go to the payment details page.

Feature Satisfaction survey

When creating a new bill or paying a bill(s), you may see a new satisfaction survey popup to let us know how you liked that feature. You can select the emoji that corresponds with your opinion, or you can opt to dismiss the window.

To Do list

The to do list has been updated now to be separated into 2 main categories:

  • Needs Attention

    • Returned checks
    • Failed ePayments, Payables and Receivables
    • Review uncashed checks older than 20 days
    • Records to fix if a user who is listed as an approver on bills is deleted
    • Pending bank accounts setup
    • Fix sync errors
    • Fix denied bills
    • Fix Bill approval policy violations
    • Fix vendor credit policy exceptions
    • Fix credit card setup
    • Returned AR ACH
  • Tasks

    • Process inbox documents
    • Pay overdue bills
    • Pay ready to be paid bills
    • Pay bills due in 7 days
    • Confirm X electronic vendors
    • Approve bills
    • Track invoices (AR) overdue
    • Invoice(s) overdue
    • Track invoices due in 7 days
    • Invoice(s) due in the next 7 days
    • Complete company profile
    • Complete bank account setup
    • Set a valid physical address
    • Set up accounting preferences
    • Additional security setup: MFA
    • Setup your bank account to receive online payments
    • Additional security setup
    • Network Invites
    • Invite(s) awaiting your response

You can right-click and select open in new tab to open any to do list items in a new browser tab. The to do list will default to open on the overview page, you can toggle it to default to open or closed, and you can change the length of the window by clicking and dragging the bottom right of the window.

Overview Page

  • We have added easily accessible options to the new overview page to create bills, invoices, new users, get paid, and pay a vendor right from the cards on the overview page
  • We have updated the bills to pay card on the overview page to include partially paid bills, and omit $0 balance bills
  • The bills to pay card will now show lists of bills based on the permissions of the user, as well as approval settings
    • If the user has the ability to pay only approved bills, the card will display a single view for only approved bills
    • If the user has the ability to pay unapproved bills, the card will display view for approved + all unpaid bills
    • If the user has the ability to pay unassigned bills, the card will display view for approved + all unpaid bills
    • If the user does not have any pay permissions, the card will display view for approved + all unpaid bills


IVA - Click to Capture

We have expanded the options in click to capture with IVA:

  • Capture with split expense line items
  • Capture when creating a new vendor as part of the bill creation process
  • Capture to select one word, a sentence, or a paragraph
  • Select and capture multiple words with CTRL+click


A new console report has been added called the Payables Efficiency Insights, which breaks down data via the selected grouping (user or client), compares it to the selected SLA to show a percentage of bills meeting the selected SLA vs total bills per month, for a selected time period.


  • On the bills list and approvals pages, you can now click the attachment icon to see a popup of the first page of any attachments on a bill
  • Offline payment reference numbers can now be edited
  • Any payments needing attention will now be called out in a banner at the top of the payments out page:
    • Failed payments
    • Returned checks
    • Uncashed checks
  • If you are attempting to edit a bill that cannot be edited based on approval settings, we have added a banner at the top of the bill clarifying why the edit cannot be done.
  • We have added the ability to apply vendor credits right from the Bill Details page


We have now added dynamic status trackers to the top of vendor and customer profiles to track the real-time status of network invites, showing statuses of the invites, and links to available actions to be taken, such as cancel and re-send, right from the profile page.

A warning has also been added to rejected invites, informing that a rejected invite can only be re-sent one time to prevent spam, so we suggest letting the vendor or customer know the invite is coming, and double checking the connection request.


Any email addresses added to the CC field of a sent invoice will now be automatically added as a contact for the customer, unless they already exist.

International Payments

  • Purpose of Payment is now required for all international vendors
  • Taiwan and South Korea have been added to our list of applicable international vendors


  • The option to not sync bills from Intacct to Bill.com for individual vendors has been added
  • When syncing with QuickBooks for windows, AR invoices dated prior to the date the sync was very first setup ("transaction start date") will not sync to Bill.com


We have now added the ability to pay your monthly Bill.com statement via ACH! New accounts will have this option immediately, existing accounts will have the option in the near future.