March 2019 - Release highlights

New Overview Page with Cards

The new Overview Page with Cards is rolling out in phases - check out the Video in our Support Center! Many workflow efficiency improvements added, such as:

  • A true overview of Payables and Receivables activity on one screen
  • The Days Waiting filter on Bill Approvals card is now based on the date the bill was assigned to an approver rather than invoice date
  • Added clickable buttons to any cards with no information to show, giving you a quick way to enter new bills or invoices
  • Status messages were added to Bills to Pay, Bills to Approve, and Open Invoices cards when all outstanding items have been completed, letting you know you are up to date
  • Improved filtering when clicking on specific views on the Overview Page, i.e. overdue bills, bills awaiting approval, etc.
  • The cards and information viewable on the Overview page are adaptive to specific roles and permissions


Statements page now shows the last 12 months of statements. Access past statements by checking Show Older Statements.

Console Billing Report now includes International Wire Payments.


Bill and Payment Enhancements

  • To help clearly distinguish between bill level information and expense level information, we enhanced the bill creation page to reflect an overall bill description, and individual expense description. We also moved the Notes section to the top of the bill details box, and added a link to view payment details right from the bill itself, on partially paid, paid, and scheduled bills.

  • Now when downloading documents attached to a bill, only the specific pages attached to the bill will be downloaded.

  • You can now easily pay open bills or send a payment to a vendor right from the Payments Out tab on the left navigation menu.

Vendor Record Additions

Vendor credits and vendor documents can now be more easily located on vendor records with newly added tabs for each.

If you have a private vendor with ePayment bank information manually added, you can send an invite to connect via the Network without worry of delayed payments while the invite is pending.

Inbox Virtual Assistant

If you utilize our Inbox Virtual Assistant (IVA) feature, you can now perform a one-click copy on a document's invoice information such as vendor name, invoice number, etc., then click in the same applicable field in the bill entry form to paste!


You can now copy multiple email addresses in the CC field when emailing invoices.

International Payments

There are new requirements for payments send to Japan and the United Kingdom (UK). By May 31, 2019, update these vendors with the new requirements to avoid payment delays.

New alerts will appear on vendor records when International Payment requirements have changed for any vendor, including the current bank information's expiration date if it has not passed.


Closed Books feature is now available on all new accounts syncing with an accounting software.