February 2019 - Release highlights


The new Bills list page

Payments, single and bulk, can now be made from the Bills list page. Enjoy the tour of our new bills list page.

Additional pages added to the left navigation menu

We've added the Approvals and Documents pages to the left navigation menu to make them easier to access.

Select bills in bulk to print check in accounting software

Save time by selecting multiple bills at once to have checks printed in your accounting software for them.


Payment Status column added to Unpaid Bills & AP aging detail reports

To help you distinguish between bills already scheduled for payment vs bills that still need action from a payer, we added a Payment Status column to the Unpaid bills & AP aging detail report.


Customer contacts

You can now restore deleted contact records uner a Customer record.


NetSuite updates

With bundle 3.2:

  • Shared subsidiary vendors are now supported
  • Closed Books Date syncs from NetSuite to Bill.com
  • GL Posting date now syncs between Bill.com and NetSuite

Xero: Vendor preference to not sync bills

Control whether a specific vendor's bills sync over from Xero.