International Wire Payments: Vendor bank update

The required information for making payments to bank accounts in Japan and the United Kingdom (UK) will be changing. The bank account information currently added for these vendors will need to be updated.

These updates will help to ensure seamless delivery of funds, on time and without complications.

The changes for vendor bank accounts in Japan and the United Kingdom need to be completed by May 14, 2019. If not updated by then, new payments cannot be scheduled until the bank account is modified to meet the new requirements.

Payments already scheduled will not be affected.


Wait for any scheduled International wire payments to clear for your vendors in Japan and the UK

  1. Deactivate the bank for these vendors
  2. Re-enter the bank account with the new requirements
    • Japan:
      • Branch name
      • Account type:
        • Ordinary Account / Futsuu koza
        • Savings account / Chochiku koza
        • Checking account / Toza koza
    • UK: Sort code is switching to IBAN