Sync Matrix for NetSuite

Chart of Accounts/Sub-accounts 2-way
Departments 2-way
Locations 2-way
Classes 2-way
Employees NA
Project/Jobs 1-way from NetSuite (Requires Bundle 3.1 or later)
Bank Account Balance 1-way to

Vendors 2-way
Unpaid Bills 2-way*
Partially or Fully Paid Bills 1-way from
Bill Deletions 2-way; bill must be in an open period and completely unpaid
AP Bill Payments 1-way from
Unapplied Vendor Credits 2-way*
Partially or Fully Applied Vendor Credits 1-way from
AP Funds Transfers 1-way from
Voids 1-way from
Bill attachments 1-way to

Customers/Sub-customers 2-way
Items 2-way
Unpaid Invoices No AR
Partially or Fully Paid Invoices No AR
Sales Tax No AR
AR Payments No AR
Credit Memos No AR
AR Funds Transfers No AR
Voids NA

Auto Sync Yes
Books Closed Date 1-way to (with bundle 3.2.0 or later
Link to view bill/invoice in Yes

*Option for 1-way sync also available (please contact Customer Support)