November 2018 - Release highlights

Inbox with preview

Deleting documents

We've added the ability to delete multiple Inbox items at once and the ability to delete a page from a multi-page attachment sent into the Inbox.

Creating new and add to existing enhancements

We've added more options to create a document for and add to existing right from the Inbox.


Pay faster in bulk

The ability to make pay faster payments for multiple bills to the same vendor at once has been enhanced.

Additional filter added to Bill Approvals tab

Bills to approve can now be filtered by vendor name.

Payment approvals (beta)

We are working on Payment Approvals and it is currently in beta. Want to try be a beta tester? An administrator or user with manage company permissions can send an email, including your company name, to to express interest.


Add attachments to invoices

An attachment can now be added to Receivables invoices.


Vendor level sync preference with QuickBooks Online

Have bills for certain vendors that are entered into QuickBooks Online just for record keeping purposes. Now you can mark specific vendor's bills not to sync from QuickBooks Online into

International Wire payments

International payments in bulk

Select to pay multiple international vendors at once!

Use Multi-Currency in without enabling it in the accounting software

If syncing with QuickBooks Online, Xero or Intacct, Multi-Currency no longer needs to be enabled in your accounting software to use Multi-Currency in!