October 2018 - Release highlights


Additional filters added to Bills and Invoices tabs

Bills and Invoices can now be filtered by Vendor and Customer names.

Inbox Virtual Assistant

The Inbox Virtual Assistant feature has been added for documents dragged and dropped into the Create a Bill page.

Notification when paying a bill before it has been approved

Administrators and custom roles with the Pay unapproved bills permission can pay bills that have not been fully approved yet. A notification will now inform these users when they do.

Vendor Credits

We've enhanced the ability to apply vendor credits, now you can select which vendor credits to apply and how much of each.

Ability to customize the invitation to a vendor to receive electronic payment

The invitation email sent to Vendors that are being invited to receive payments electronically can now be customized.

Bill Approval Audit report

To help our customers have a better understanding of where bills are in the approval process, we've added an additional column of Next Approver to the Bill Approval Audit report

Scroll and skip through multiple bills easily

We've enhanced the ability to scroll through multiple bills. When clicking into a bill amongst a list of bills, use the right and left arrows to scroll and skip through the list.


Add new tax item on invoices

A new tax item can now be added during invoice creation instead of needing to navigate away to the Settings area to do so.

International Wire Payments

Swift Confirmation

Swift confirmation numbers will now show up on wire payment details once the payment has been processed.

Indicative exchange amount for USD bills

An indicative exchange amount of what the international vendor might receive will be displayed when initiating Wire payments for USD bills to be deposited in foreign currency.

Additional countries

We now support international payments to South Africa and China.


Multi-factor authentication

In our continued efforts to protect the security and privacy of your information, we will be limiting how many times a new MFA code can be resent.