September 2018 - Release highlights

International Wire payments

International wire payments are now available to all paid subscription accounts and more countries are now supported!


Updates to faster pay

We've made faster pay easier to use. You will now see options when paying a single bill.

Updates to bulk pay

Bulk pay is now easier to user. Instead of a pop up widget from the bottom of the page, which blocks additional line items, now the Pay and Mark as Paid options show up as buttons in above all the bills.

Large biller vendor matching updates

Large biller vendors, like AT&T or PG&E, are now easier to identify in our large biller network. Connect instantly and pay your large biller vendors with confidence.

Pay a Vendor

We've added more access points to access Pay a Vendor, the ability to initiate a payment without creating a bill first. You will now see this option on the Payments Out tab on the Overview page and Payments Out in the left navigation bar.

Invite a vendor to connect updates

See the invitation to connect email, sent to your vendor, before you send it. You can now preview the invite before sending. The ability to customize this invite coming soon!


Unapplied payments in Inbox with preview

Payment exceptions, payments that don’t automatically apply to a Receivables invoice, are now easier to find. These will appear in the Inbox with preview, the same way they appear in the Inbox with thumbnails.