August 2018 - Release highlights

New default role

We are introducing a new default role: Auditor (View only)


Bill Approval workflow

We have added an additonal option to bill approval workflow for editing approved bills.

Add notes to payers and approvers when creating a bill

You can now add a note in the process of creating a bill, instead of creating and saving and going back to the bill to add a note.

Calculations with math operators

We introduced the ability to do calculation on Receivables Invoices last month, now you can use math operators to calculate amounts on Payables bills too.



We've made additional tracking categories available on Receivables invoices: Account, Class, Department and Location.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We've made updates to make it easier to receive security codes when they are needed. Now, at the time a code is needed, you can select either your primary or backup number to receive the security code and tell us if you want to receive it via text or voice call.