Adding a Bank Account to Receive Payments on a Free (Basic) Account

To receive your payments faster via ACH (like direct deposit), add a bank account to your free Basic Receivables account:

Adding a bank_account_to_a_Basic_account

  1. In your account, click Settings
  2. Under Your Company, click Bank Accounts
  3. Click Set Up New Bank
  4. Enter the bank details and click Continue
  5. Click Get started and you're ready to receive payments!

Things to know

  • A penny ($0.01) test deposit will be sent to the bank account to confirm that it's available to receive payments
  • Once added, bank account information cannot be edited
  • To delete a bank account from your account, click the trash can icon
  • To add a new bank account, click Set Up New Bank and complete the set up process again
  • If you add a new bank account, be sure that the right account is set as the default to receive payments
  • An email will be sent to all Administrator Users on the account when a bank account is added
  • Once the bank account is active, the Bank Authorized User can nominate other pay permission Users to be authorized to pay bills from the same bank account
  • Only US-based bank accounts can be added as a bank account in
  • There is no limit to the number of bank accounts that can be added to