International Wire Payments: Setting up an International vendor for wire transfer

Video Tutorial

Setting up an International vendor

  1. Click Vendors in the left navigation pane
  2. Click Add Vendor
  3. Enter vendor name
    • Possible network connections will be presented, but vendors connected through the Network cannot be sent international wires, so bypass these matches and continue entering information manually
  4. Enter in the vendor's email address, physical address, and select your Vendor's bank location
    • Vendor bank location field will default to the same country selected in the vendor's address.
    • If your vendor's bank is in a different country select the other country from the drop-down
  5. Enter the vendor's bank information excluding dashes and spaces
    • Enter International bank branch identifier
      • Looking to enter a swift code? Just enter it, if we can't locate a matching bank we'll pop the international bank search so you can enter additional information for us to find the correct bank
      • Alphanumeric bank branch identifiers (IBAN) are case sensitive. All letter(s) must be in uppercase
      • Account Number: Bank Account Number of the vendor
      • Re-enter Account Number: to confirm account number
    • Account/Beneficiary name must match the name on the bank account being entered or payment may be delayed/held by the recipient bank
    • Some recipient banks do not check to see that the name on the account matches the account number. At the other extreme, some recipient banks will not deposit the money into the account if the name on the money transfer is not exactly the same as the name on the bank account.
  6. Select the currency you‘d like to pay this vendor in
    • The options available will be based on the country selected under Vendor bank location, with United States always available
    • We will always debit in USD
  7. Select Purpose of Payment, which is required on International wires
  8. Enter Beneficiary Contact Information
  9. Enter additional vendor details
  10. Click Save

Verify an international vendor's bank

Verify the bank information by following these steps:

  1. Click more options on the Vendor record
  2. Click ePayment info
  3. Click the bank account number

Verified Canadian bank - Neo

Things to know

  • accounts with account type "Individual (Personal or household use)" will not be able to make International wire payments
  • Foreign bank accounts can be added for Vendors but only USD bank accounts can be added to to make payments from
  • Once a vendor's bank account has been added, it can not be edited. The bank will need to be deactivated and added again.
  • International vendors can not be setup for wire payment within the mobile app
  • Once an International vendor has been set up to receive wire payments within the online version of, they can be paid internationally via the mobile app, both IOS and Android.
  • CNY is the official abbreviation of China's currency Renminbi (RMB) and payments are issued at the CNY(RMB) rate