June 2018 - Release highlights


Bulk Mark as Paid

Multiple bills can now be selected to be Mark as Paid in bulk from the Overview page.

Last 5 Bills

When creating a new bill for a vendor, there is now access to the most recent bills for that vendor to see what bills have already been created.

Pay a vendor is now easier to find

We've made the ability to make a payment to a vendor without creating a bill first easier to find. Besides under the Actions dropdown, there is now a Pay a Vendor button on the Payments Out tab on the Overview page and a Pay Vendor button on each Vendor's record.


Bulk email/mail invoices

We've added the ability to bulk email/mail invoices that were not previously selected to be sent later. This means if you create invoices via your accounting software, import your invoices, or you just want to bulk send invoices you've already sent once, you are able to select in bulk and send it.


Intacct Sync - Vendor Credits

Intacct has provided us a fix around the vendor credit application issue where Intacct applies the oldest vendor credit.

Now when the application of a vendor credit in Bill.com syncs to Intacct, Intacct will apply the specific vendor credit selected instead of the oldest vendor credit available for that vendor.