Inbox with preview vs Inbox with thumbnails

__Archiving due to all NEO orgs being on V3 as of 3/15/18 __ Depending on which Inbox version is active in your account, different features and functionality are available. Support Center articles provide information about both versions of the Inbox.  All users will be updated to the Inbox with preview version once all functionality is released and available.

Note: Accounts already using the Inbox with preview cannot be downgraded to the Inbox with thumbnails

Inbox with preview

The Inbox with preview is the newest version of the Inbox. This version is designed based on customer feedback and will continue to be enhanced to meet the needs of our customers.

This version of the Inbox looks similar to other web-based email Inboxes. By clicking on an Inbox item, a full preview of the document is displayed. There is also an item count of documents in the Inbox, displayed next to Inbox in the left navigation pane. Inbox with preview

Inbox with thumbnails

The Inbox with thumbnails displays documents submitted in a large thumbnail format. You can access a larger preview of a document by hovering over the thumbnail. Inbox with thumbnails