Tagging users in notes

Users can collaborate with other users on the Bill.com account quickly and easily. When there is a question about a specific bill, invoice, vendor credit, credit memo, or a customer or vendor, a User can tag another user on the Bill.com account in a note, triggering an email notification, by typing the @ symbol, followed by their name.

Tagging Users

  1. In Bill.com, open the customer, vendor, bill, invoice, vendor credit, or credit memo where you'd like to leave a note
  2. Enter your note in the Notes section and tag a user by typing @ followed by their name (for example @janesmith)
  3. As you type, all matching users will appear in a drop-down menu
  4. Keep typing to complete the username or select the correct user from the choices
  5. Click Add

The user you've tagged will be sent an email notification regarding the note. They can click Reply in the email to go directly to the note to respond.

Things to know

  • When responding to a note someone has tagged you in, make sure to tag the sender back so they know you have responded