Sync with a new data file or accounting software

Once a account has synced with an accounting system data file, it should not be connected to a new file or accounting software without our assistance. When integrating account with an accounting system data file, tags each list element and all transactional data with unique identifiers. This background identifier eliminates any chance of data being duplicated or synced to the wrong accounting file.

Due to this security feature it is strongly recommended that the account is not synced new accounting package and/or data file. This cross integration will create a large number of sync errors and duplicated data that will be labor intensive and time consuming to fix in both systems. In the event that a business is switching to a new accounting package or creates a new accounting data file it is recommended that a new account be created for that company.

Transition to a new account

Here are a few suggestions to help in preparing for the transition:

  • Set up a new account. Give it a different name for easy identification
  • Make sure the bank account is verified in the new account so payments can be made without interruption
  • Do not leave any bills Unpaid in the old account
  • In, deactivate the bank account and all users in the old account so they do not accidentally access the incorrect account
  • For the old account, request your Documents on DVD ($50.00)
  • Cancel the old Account once the transition is complete to avoid any duplicate charges


If you wish to retain the same account to preserve history, a migration appointment is required.