Billing under an Accountant Console

Accountants using the Accountant Program have two options for how their clients pay for the client accounts. Clients can be set to pay directly for the services provides. Alternatively, clients can be set to be billed through the accountant console. The billing preference is managed on a client-by-client basis, enabling accountants to update the billing for each client independently.

Manage billing settings for clients

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Manage Console
  3. Review the BILL TO column:
    • Client company means that the client will be billed directly by through the client account. The client must add a credit card on the account for the statement to be paid.
    • Console means that the console will be billed for the client account. No credit is required on the client account since the accountant console will be billed for the services.
  4. Update Bill To, if needed

Details of billing statements for clients billed to the Console

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Manage Console
  3. Hover over Billing and click Statements
  4. Click the Statement Number for a summary of the billing
  5. Click the Company Name on the statement to view that client's summary
  6. Click Show Details to view the line item details of the statement

Things to know

  • A credit card must be added to the console when you set any clients to "Bill to Console"
  • When a client is billed to console, Administrators on the client account will not be able to access billing or pricing information related to the service
  • The most recent 12 months of statements display by default. To access past statements, check the Show Older Statements checkbox at the bottom of the page
  • We bill Consoles on the 5th of each month no matter the signup date
  • We bill accounts on consoles but not billed to the console, 30 days after signup, then the same date each month thereafter