Connecting by Payment Network ID

When a account is created, it is assigned a unique Payment Network ID (PNI). The PNI can be given to a vendor or customer to connect your account to theirs through the network.

Completing the Network Connection

To complete the connection, both the paying and the receiving accounts must have the other account's PNI in the corresponding vendor or customer details. This means that the Payables account will display the PNI of the vendor's Receivables account in their Vendor details and the Receviables will display the PNI of the customer's Payables account in their Customer's details. Email notifications are sent to confirm that the accounts are connected.

Once a vendor's bank account is verified, payments made from a networked customer will be made via ePayment.

Adding a Vendor or Customer's PNI

  1. Log in to
  2. Search for the vendor or customer
  3. Click the more options icon
  4. Click Enter PNI
  5. Enter your vendor's Payment Network ID and click Find
  6. Click Connect
  7. Choose the vendor on the Existing Vendor drop-down list
  8. Click Send