Basic Receivables - eInvoicing

Free Receivables accounts are able to send invoices to customers, which helps to receive payment more quickly. Just enter customers into the account, then Invoices can be created and emailed to these customers, even if they don't use Customers who do use will receive invoices directly in their account.

Creating and sending eInvoices

  1. Log in to
  2. On the Overview page, click +Invoice
  3. On the Create an Invoice page, enter the invoice details:
    • Customer The company or person being billed. If the customer a user, the invoice will automatically become an eInvoice, sent directly to their account. If not, they will receive the invoice as a PDF attachment to an email.
    • Invoice Number Numbers and/or letters to identify the invoice
    • Invoice Date The date the invoice is created
    • Payment Terms The agreed upon terms of the payment due date
    • Due Date Specific day payment is expected, which will auto-calculate if Payment Terms is entered
    • Invoice Template The look and feel of the invoice
    • Item Details about the product or service being invoiced
    • Customer Message Any extra details to help the customer understand and submit payment on the invoice
  4. Click Preview & Send
  5. Submit the invoice
    • If needed, toggle the Notify by Email to edit the email message, add additional email addresses to receive the invoice and click Submit

Things to know

To ensure that payments are collected promptly, a pop-up message will appear if the Invoice date and/or the Due date entered is a year or more before or after today's date.