QuickBooks Online Sync Error: Parent obj xxxxxxxxx is missing in the accounting side

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a transaction is attempting to sync to QuickBooks Online (QBO), but an account on the transaction cannot be located in QBO. This can happen because the account was manually deleted in QBO and not in Bill.com or, when syncing with Tallie, a previously deleted account is reactivated by the Tallie sync.

How to Fix the Sync Error

  • If the account should be active and in QBO, contact Customer Support to re-sync the account to QBO
  • If the account is active in QBO, contact Customer Support to request the accounts be connected between QBO and Bill.com
  • If the account was erroneously reactivated and is supposed to be deleted, re-delete the account in Bill.com and sync
    • If the transaction was a bill or invoice, re-code the bill/invoice after deleting the account, updating to an active account
    • If the transaction was a payment, void the payment and re-create it with an active account