Basic Payables - Do more with

Additional features are available with the Basic Payables account. With the Do more with section you can:

  • Manage all your documents
  • Invite your team members
  • Download the mobile app

Payables - Basic Payables - Do more with - Do more cards

Manage all your documents

Use the inbox to manage all your documents. Create a email address to provide to vendors so that they can email bills and documents directly into your account for to attach to the bills.

  • Hover over Manage all your documents
  • Enter an email address that is at least eight (8) characters
  • Click Save

Payables - Basic Payables - Do more with - Inbox card

Invite your team members

Have team members that you would like to collaborate with, add them as Users so they can log in to the same account:

  • Hover over Invite your team members
  • Click Invite team
  • Enter the individual's details
  • Assign them a role based on the permissions you would like them to have
  • Click Save
  • Select email notification settings
  • Click Save

Payables - Basic Payables - Do more with - Invite team card If they need to pay bills, they will need to add a bank account (even if it's the same bank account you're paying out of) and go through the verification steps.

Download the mobile app

The mobile app provides a simple and secure way to create, review, approve or deny, and even pay bills on the go.

  • Hover over Download the mobile app
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click Send me a text

Payables - Basic Payables - Do more with - Mobile card

A link will now be sent to your mobile to download the app.