Intacct Sync Error: Intacct user authentication failure

Why the Sync Error occurs

There are 2 possible scenarios for this error:

  1. Intacct login information entered in is incorrect
  2. The sync user has "Enable Two-Step Verification" enabled but "Web Services Only" is not enabled

How to Fix the Sync Error

Login info is incorrect

Re-enter Intacct login information in

  1. Click the gear icon
  2. Under Sync, click Setup
  3. Click Login Info
  4. Click the Edit icon
  5. Enter Intacct Admin Login credentials
  6. Click Save

Web Services only is not enabled

Enable Web Services Only for the sync user in Intacct:

  1. Click Company
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Edit next to the sync user
  4. Enable Web Service Only

Web Services Only is enabled

If web services only is enabled, or two-step verification is off, and the error still occurs, try the following:

Intacct sync user login information

  1. Log into Intacct with the username and password for the sync user
  2. If unable to log in, reset the password
  3. Once the new password has been created, reenter Intacct login information in

Entity ID

  • For Single-Entity accounts:
    • Edit the login info and remove Entity ID. Entity ID is not required.
  • For Multi-Entity accounts syncing at the Entity level:
    • Confirm the Entity ID in Intacct:
      1. Go to Company > Entities
      2. Confirm the Entity ID for the Entity that will be syncing with
      3. Reenter the Entity ID in, and click Save

For more information, see the appropriate sync setup guide for the Intacct configuration.