Auto Bill Entry: FAQ

What is Auto Bill Entry?

Auto Bill Entry is a service that extracts bill information from documents in your Inbox and turns it into a bill, ready for you to review, approve, and pay within one (1) business day.

The fields Auto Bill Entry will attempt to populate are:

  • Vendor name
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date
  • Amount

What is CloudFactory?

CloudFactory is a third-party provider that digitizes bills for customers. Founded in 2008, CloudFactory uses a combination of the latest technology and an on-demand global workforce to bring production lines into the realm of digital work.

Learn more about CloudFactory and their mission at website.

How does it work?

  • PDFs less than or equal to 10 pages begin processing automatically, as soon as they hit your Inbox, and will be ready for review within one (1) business day.
    • Note: Auto Bill Entry can process one bill per document.
  • You can take over a document at any time, even if it's already started processing. Just click the "processing" bar on the document, and then click Cancel, I'll add details myself.
  • Once the bill is ready to review, it will appear back in your Inbox. We'll send you a daily digest email, letting you know which documents are processed and ready for review, and whether we were unable to process documents. You review the details and click Save. That's it!
  • New vendor or updated vendor details? No problem. Auto Bill Entry gives you complete control. When you review a bill with unrecognized vendor info, you can choose how you want to proceed—create a new vendor, use an existing vendor, or add the new vendor info to an existing vendor.

How much does Auto Bill entry cost and how will I be billed?

There is no enrollment fee for Auto Bill Entry. It costs just $0.49 per bill processed, and you'll be billed on your monthly statement.

Also, you'll only be charged for bills where Auto Bill Entry does the work. If you take over processing, you won't be charged.

How do I turn Auto Bill Entry on or off?

Auto Bill Entry is easy to turn on and off. When you're ready to start using it:

  1. Click the gear icon
  2. Click Inbox under Your Company
  3. Accept CloudFactory Terms and Conditions
  4. Click Enable Auto Bill Entry

If you'd like to stop using Auto Bill Entry:

  1. Click the gear icon
  2. Click Inbox under Your Company
  3. Click Disable Auto Bill Entry

What else should I know about Auto Bill Entry?

  • Auto Bill Entry can process one bill per document (10 page maximum)
  • Currently, batch bill processing is not supported
  • Bills can be in PDF only to be eligible for processing through Auto Bill Entry
  • If there is more than 1 invoice in the pdf, the document will not be processed.
  • The price is $0.49 per bill processed
  • Auto Bill Entry can be turned on/off by anyone with access to the Inbox
  • Auto Bill Entry can only be turned on/off from the Next Generation Inbox by
  • CloudFactory offers a high degree of accuracy…and you have complete control
  • You review and edit information as necessary before bills are entered into the approval/payment workflow
  • We'll send an email every day with a digest of Auto Bill Entry activity: bills ready for review, documents not processed, and more
  • Foreign currency amounts currently will be ignored. The amount field will be blank for foreign currency bills processed by Auto Bill Entry.