Payments Out Overview

On the payments out screen:

Payment history

Payments can be filtered by status or process date.

The following information is available to view for payments:

  • Confirmation #
  • Invoice #
  • Vendor
  • Payment Amount
  • Process Date
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Status
  • Action

Pay a Vendor

A button to Pay a Vendor is available. Pay a vendor is the ability to make a payment to a Vendor without creating a bill.

Take action on a payment

For payments that have not cleared, appropriate actions will be available in the Action column based on the status of the payment:

  • If the payment is in Scheduled status, there is a Cancel payment link
  • If the payment is Paid but not cleared yet, there will be a Void link

Access to Failed payments

An ePayment can fail if there is an issue with the bank account for the vendor.

To access failed payments:

  1. Click the more options dots
  2. Click Failed

Access to Returned payments

A check payment can be returned due to an invalid mailing address.

To access returned payments:

  1. Click the more options dots
  2. Click Returned

Access to Uncashed payments

A check payment will be in uncashed status until the vendor has cashed the check.

  1. Click the more options dots
  2. Click Uncashed

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