Payments Out Overview

On the payments out screen:

Payment history

Payments can be filtered by status, type, or process date.

The following information is available to view for payments:

  • Confirmation #
    • Hover over the Confirmation number to quickly view the details of the bills paid with that payment; Invoice #, Due Date, Invoice amount, Payment amount
  • Vendor
  • Invoice #
  • Payment Amount
  • Process Date
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Status
  • Action

Pay Bills

Unpaid or partially paid bills can be paid right from the payments out screen. Click Pay Bills to view the bills screen and pay bills.

Pay a Vendor

A button to Pay a Vendor is available. Pay a vendor is the ability to make a payment to a Vendor without creating a bill.

Take action on a payment

For payments that have not cleared, appropriate actions will be available in the Action column based on the status of the payment:

  • If the payment is in Scheduled status, there is a Cancel payment link
  • If the payment is Paid but not cleared yet, there will be a Void link

Access to Failed, Returned or Uncashed payments

  • An ePayment can fail if there is an issue with the bank account for the vendor
  • A check payment can be returned due to an invalid mailing address
  • A check payment will be in uncashed status until the vendor has cashed the check.

If any of your payments fall into these statuses, a banner will appear on your Payments Out page until they are resolved. Click the links per status in the banner to see the affected payments.

Failed Returned Uncashed payments out banner