Spam and the Inbox

To ensure that all documents are delivered into the Inbox, we do not filter any emails sent to the Inbox email address. If spam arrives to the Inbox, you can attempt to unsubscribe from future emails.

If using the Inbox with preview, use Mark as spam and we will make attempts to limit these emails in the future. If using the Inbox with thumbnails, Mark as Spam is not available. Contact Customer Support to upgrade the Inbox to use this feature.

Mark As Spam

  1. On the Inbox page, select the document to mark as Spam

  2. Click the three dots next to Enter Bill

  3. Click Mark As spam

  4. Click Yes to confirm

    Inbox (preview) - Managing documents - process item - NEO

Once a document is deleted from the Inbox, it is not recoverable. If the document is needed, it will need to be sent into the Inbox again.

Tip to prevent spam

An Inbox email address with a single simple word, for instance, tends to to be easy for spammers to find and add to their blasts. To reduce the chance of spammers blasting messages to the Inbox, we recommend using a more complex Inbox email address that is unique to your company, but still familiar to your vendors and customers. Customer Support can update the Inbox email address to something specific, like The Inbox email address must have at least eight (8) characters in front of the domain. Ideally, your company's Inbox email address will have even more characters than that, adding to the complexity.