Setting up a free Basic Payables account

As a small business directed to by a vendor to pay a bill, signing up for a free Basic Payables account has tons of benefits. Use the Network to connect with more vendors who already use to accept payments online. We offer document storage, bill and payment management, and access to our award-winning mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to pay bills on the go!

Setting up a Basic Payables account

  1. In the email received from the vendor, click Pay Invoice Electronically
  2. Create a password and make the other required selections
    • For a free Basic Payables account, select Business create password
  3. Next, any bills and vendor credits the vendor has already created will be brought in to the account so it may take a few minutes to update
  4. The invoice clicked on in the email will auto populate and be available to pay
  5. Click Review & pay BP Bill
  6. Enter your mobile number for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA); this is the number where we will send a code to verify your identity when you (or anyone else) tries to pay bills or access sensitive info. BR BP MFA setup - NEO
  7. Click Add Bank Account
  8. Fill out some information about your company and click Next
    • Note: To remain compliant with laws and regulations surrounding money movement, a Tax ID is required
  9. Enter Bank account details
  10. Click Ok got it
  11. Select the Process Date (date the bank accout will be debited)
  12. Click Pay
  13. Click Done

Identity Verification

In some cases, we need additional information to verify your account. If so, on the Overview page, you will see an additional step to complete: Verify your identity to activate your bank account Verify identity onboarding card