Creating a bill with a document

Reduce paper copies of bills by uploading them to the Inbox. Create the bill with the document for easy reference. When the payment is issued, the first page of the document will be included on the bill stub (if the payment is not combined with other payments), making it easy for the vendor to process the payment.

Creating a Bill from a document

  1. Click Inbox on the left navigation pane
  2. Locate the document
  3. Click Enter Bill
  4. Enter the bill details, including:
    • Vendor - the company or person to be paid
    • Invoice Number - numbers and/or letters to help the vendor identify the bill
    • Invoice Date - the day the vendor created the invoice
    • Payment Terms - how soon the vendor expects payment
    • Due Date - specific day the vendor expects payment, automatically calculated when Payment Terms is selected
    • Account - details about the expense or other type of account applicable to the purchase or service received
    • Item - details about the product or service the vendor is invoicing
  5. Click Save