Intacct Error: You cannot update a root level vendor from an entity/restricted user with one entity

Why the Sync Error occurs

There are two reasons why this error may occur:

  • The sync is connected to the entity level, but the object related to the sync error is owned at the root level in Intacct
  • The User used under the Sync > Login Info in does not have access to the top entity

How to Fix the Sync Error

Two solutions are available, depending on the cause:

Caused by the Object

  1. If the list objects (Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Departments, etc.) are managed at the root level, manually update these objects in Intacct:
  2. Once the information has been manually updated in Intacct, click Resolve or Fix next to the error on the sync status page
  3. Select I've updated this vendor in Intacct; remove this error and sync future updates to clear the error

Caused by the User login

Ensure the sync user in Intacct (which is used on the Login Info page in is set up at the root level and is unrestricted