Separating bill payments to the same vendor

Bill payments with the same process date to the same vendor can be separated into multiple payments.

Separating Payments

  1. Click Review & pay next to one of the bills for the vendor from the Bills to Pay tab on the Overview page
  2. Click Pay
  3. Repeat for each bill from the same vendor The vendor will receive a separate payment and confirmation email for each bill, even if the process date is the same for all payments being issued. There will be a charge for each payment.

Things to know

  • Choose to combine or separate bill payments for all vendors (Payables Preferences), an individual vendor (vendor page), or an individual payment (when you pay bills)
  • If a combined payment is already scheduled, but should be separated into individual payments, the payment will need to be canceled or voided, then re-schedule to pay the bills separately
  • If syncing with accounting software, one payment will sync for each bill