International Check Payments

At this time, International check payments are not offered via ACH. To pay a vendor via ACH, the payment must be made to a US bank account and the vendor's address much be within the 50 US States. To issue a payment to an International vendor, customers can make payments by US check in USD.

Enabling International Check Payments

A account Administrator can submit a request to enable International check payments for the account to Customer Support.

Once International check payments are enabled

  • Select the vendor's country by editing the vendor's information, choosing the country from the drop-down menu
  • Verify the country information on existing vendors since some vendors may have defaulted to US as a country

International Check Mailing time

The estimated Arrival date for an international check payment is based on the following US Postal Service guidelines:

  • Canada and Mexico: 10 business days from the process date.
  • All other international addresses: 15 business days from the process date.
  • Note: Since International mail is processed by both the US Postal Service and the vendor's local postal service, there can be delivery delays outside the guidelines provided here. The US Postal Service does not guarantee delivery dates within their guidelines.

Things to know

  • International check payments can be made only via check, not ePayments
  • There is a limit of $10,000 in payments per day for each vendor
  • charges $1.99 for each check payment issued to an International vendor
  • Each international payment will be sent out on its own check
  • Multiple international check payments cannot be combined into one check
  • International check payments can take up to three (3) weeks of mailing time to reach an International vendor
  • expedited payments is not available for International check payments
  • US bank accounts are used to fund ePayments to vendors and receive ePayments from customers
  • Check payments to vendors may be cashed at any bank
  • International check payments are made in US dollars (USD)