Intacct Sync Error: Line 1: The vendor dimension you selected -- 'vendor ID' -- is not related to your header-level Vendor Id dimension.

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a vendor associated with a paid, previously-synced bill is changed, usually due to a merge. Intacct does not allow changes made to paid bills to sync from

How to Fix the Sync Error

There are several options to solve this error, depending on your workflow:

Update the bill manually in Intacct and clear the sync error in

  1. Click Fix next to the sync error
  2. Select __I've updated this bill in Intacct; remove this error and sync future updates __
  3. Click Next

If you need the bill to display under the new vendor record in Intacct:

  1. In Intacct, void the payment and delete the bill
  2. Contact Customer Support to request that they re-sync both transactions from