Payables Efficiency Insights

This report will highlight percentages and counts of bills exceeding your specified SLA in business days, based on clients or staff/users. It also surfaces productivity metrics such as bills created per month per user/staff. This report will help to determine the following:

  • How long does bill processing and approvals take at my firm?
  • How does this look per client and per staff member?
  • How are we doing in regards to our outlined SLAs?
  • How can I look at productivity at the firm and staff level over time?

Accessing the Payables Efficiency Insights Report

Console Administrators can access the Payables Efficiency Insights report:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Manage Console
  3. Click Reports
  4. Click Payables Efficiency Insights
  5. Select Time Period
  6. Select Group By
  7. Select SLA (business days)
  8. Click View to display the report in the browser or Download to export the report to a CSV file

Report Details

The Payables Efficiency Insights report breaks down data via the selected grouping (user or client), compares it to the selected SLA to show a percentage of bills exceeding the selected SLA vs total bills per month, for the selected time period. An overall console level summary row for each action below is also provided.

The report displays the following bill action's efficiency percentage:

  • Bill Created
  • Bill Approved
  • Bill Denied
  • Bill Paid

Things to Know

  • Information in this report is historical and does not include bills pending action - bill creation counts don't include what's currently in the inbox, approval counts don't include bills that are pending in approval queue.
  • Bill creation totals only include manually created and recurring bills and do not include bills synced or imported from accounting system or other apps.
  • Bill approvals, payments include all bills.
  • Bill creation and approval counts may not add up because approvals may happen in a different period than creation, and there may be more than one approval per bill.
  • Weekends and standard US holidays are excluded while calculating SLA violations