Console Billing Report

The Console Billing Report provides a breakdown of client fees by category by Client.

Accessing the Console Billing Report

Console Administrators can access the console billing report:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Manage Console
  3. Click Reports
  4. Click Console Billing
  5. Enter Billing Year
  6. Select Billing Month
  7. Select checkbox next to Show Directly Billed Clients to include clients that are billed directly by
  8. Click View to display the report in the browser or Download to export the report to a CSV file

Report Details

  • Client
  • Billing Date
  • Total Fees
  • Client Fees
  • Client Users
  • Console Users
  • Total US Checks
  • Total NonUS Checks
  • Sent EPayments
  • Data Entry
  • Received EPayments
  • Mailed Invoice
  • Fast PayCheck OverNight
  • Fast Pay 2Day Checks
  • Fast Pay 3Day Checks
  • Fast Pay ACH
  • Fast Pay RPPS
  • Approval Policies
  • Billed To