Using ACH ID to remove a debit block from a bank account

If a bank account has a debit block or debit filter to prevent unauthorized organizations from debiting or withdrawing funds from the account via ACH, transactions may fail.

Providing the bank with ACH ID numbers will allow the ACH debits to process successfully. Even if the bank is requesting routing and account numbers, the ACH ID numbers will work to fix the issue. Be sure to provide all the ACH ID numbers listed below to the bank to ensure the problem is addressed.

Our Company ACH ID numbers are:

ACH ID #1: 2204895317
ACH ID #2: 1204895317
ACH ID #3: 204895317A
ACH ID #4: 3204895317
ACH ID #5: 4204895317
ACH ID #6: 8204895317

As a general note, sends CCD files. Please ensure that if you have a specific kind of account at your bank (other than a general checking account) that your account is capable of receiving this type of file.