Viewing documents in History

Every document to ever arrive to the Inbox is stored in Inbox history, regardless if it was subsequently deleted, added to a bill, etc. Documents cannot be permanently deleted from history. The documents can be restored (undeleted) or removed from a bill, vendor, etc (unassociated) from the Inbox history, which will move the document back to the Inbox for processing.

Accessing Documents in History

In the Inbox:

  1. Click three dots next to Sort by options
  2. Click History

This view displays the Files History, which lists every document sent to the Inbox, again, including deleted documents. Also show are the details including: Added By (user, email address, etc) File Name, Added On (date), number of pages, and File Size. From either view, you can then filter the view to see a specific time period:

Inbox - Viewing documents in History - filter history - NEO

Click on the document name, and undelete:

Inbox - Viewing documents in History - undelete document - NEO

Or click on the document name, and unassociate:

Inbox - Viewing documents in History - unassociate document - NEO