Email address management

There are two types of email addresses associated with most accounts:

Login Email Address

The login email address is the unique email address used to log in to a account. This email address is also where notifications from are received.

  • On Premium accounts, a login email address may be updated by request to Customer Support. There is a security review before updating the email address though, so a change is not guaranteed.
    • Administrators manage Users on the account. Please contact your Administrator if you do not have permissions to do so.
  • On Basic accounts, a login email address cannot be changed to ensure the security of the account. An easy solution to this is to create a new user with the email address that is preferred.

Inbox Email Address

The inbox email address is created in and used as a receive-only Inbox where Vendor and Customers send bills, invoices, and other documents to the account. Documents received in the mail can also be scanned and emailed to the Inbox email address. Each Inbox email address is specific to the account and is customizable, by default it will be

To change the Inbox email address:

From the Inbox page

  1. Click Edit next to the current Inbox email address

    Inbox (preview) - Email address management - edit email - NEO

  2. Enter new Inbox email prefix

  3. Click Save

    Inbox (preview) - Email address management - save email - NEO