Managing Custom Roles from a Console

The Console account enables for custom roles to be created at the Console level for use by all client accounts linked to the Console.

Creating a Custom Role

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Manage Console
  3. Hover over the gear icon and click Manage Custom Roles
  4. Click New
  5. Enter the Role Name
    • Best practice: The Role Name to indicate the permissions available with that Role
  6. Select Auto Sync Role to Client Accounts, if preferred
  7. Assign the permissions and views for the custom role
  8. Click Save

The new custom role will be added to all client accounts within minutes. When a new client is created after the custom role is created, the custom role will automatically be available for that client, if the Auto Sync Role to Client Accounts was checked.

Things to know

  • The Custom Role Name cannot be edited after the role is created
  • Console custom role will sync to all clients linked to the Console at the time the role is created
  • If a Console custom role of the same name exists in a client's account, the new custom role will overwrite the existing role
  • A new custom role with the same name as an existing role will not create a duplicate role
  • Editing the Custom Role from the Console will update the role in all client accounts
  • Editing a Custom Role in the client account will not update the role in any other client accounts, even if the role was created from the Console
  • After making an edit to the Console Custom Role in a client, future edits to the Console Custom Role in the console will overwrite any changes made to the role in the client
  • After the role has synced to client accounts, unchecking the Auto Sync Role to Client Accounts box will not remove the role from clients
  • The Audit trail of custom role in the client accounts will show that the role was created/edited/inactivated by System
  • Custom roles cannot be inactivated/deleted