FAQ for Bill.com and Tax1099

Here are some frequently asked questions about how Tax1099 works with Bill.com. Click each question to review the answer listed below:

How do I connect Tax1099 with my Bill.com account?

For a video tutorial and written setup instructions, review the Connect with Tax1099 article.

  1. Log in to Bill.com
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Under Apps, click View all
  4. In the Tax1099.com box, click Tax1099

How do I mark vendors as 1099 in Bill.com?

  1. Log in to Bill.com
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Vendors
  3. Select a vendor and click Edit
  4. Select 1099 Vendor
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat for each 1099 vendor

How do I assign Chart of Accounts to 1099 Categories in Bill.com?

Accounts used for payments to 1099 vendors must be categorized accurately to populate correctly in Tax1099.

  1. While logged in to Bill.com, click the gear icon
  2. Under Accounting, click Chart of Accounts
  3. Select the account to map to and click the edit icon
  4. Select the applicable category from the 1099 Category drop-down menu
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat for each account that needs to be mapped

Can we still use Tax1099 if we did not use Bill.com for the full year?

Yes! The payments made using Bill.com will automatically be sent to Tax1099 during the setup process. If payments weren't recorded in Bill.com, manually add them in Tax1099 or import them in a CSV file.

Will offline payments recorded in Bill.com be sent to Tax1099?

Yes, all payments either made or recorded in Bill.com will be sent to Tax1099.

Can I use Tax1099 on a Mac?

Yes! Tax1099 is cloud-based and can be used in any browser.

Will changes made in Tax1099 update in Bill.com?

No, information updated in Tax1099 will not sync to Bill.com. If you need to add missing information to a vendor, we recommend that you make changes in Bill.com first, then restart the import of the information to Tax1099. If the update is not made in Bill.com first, the update will need to be made in both the Tax1099 app and Bill.com.

How does Tax1099 pricing work?

Tax1099 has different pricing levels, depending on your needs. Learn more at Tax1099 Pricing.

How does pricing work for an accountant filing for multiple clients?

For accountants, pricing is based on the number of filings across all of your clients. Contact Tax1099 for more information at Accountant Information

How do I contact Tax1099 Customer Support?

Search their knowledge base at https://www.tax1099.com/ or use the live chat on their website.

You can also contact them via email and phone: Email: support@tax1099.com Phone: 1 (877)811-3829

What do I do if my vendor did not provide their SSN or TIN?

Enter a form without TIN in Tax1099.com, stating TIN Not Provided. In the meantime, request a W-9 and track the date you request it as proof, in case you are penalized later by the IRS. If you've previously requested a W-9, keep those records as well.

In general, do not issue any payment to a vendor without collecting their W-9. Alternatively, withhold 28% (per the IRS) if a vendor refuses to provide one.

What if I only owned my business for a few months last year and sold it.

You are still required to file 1099's in this scenario.

Do I need to collect a W-9 or TIN from a vendor who is an individual?

Always collect a W-9 from anyone you pay in the course of your business or trade.

Is a vendor's TIN the same as their SSN?

Not necessarily. The tax identification number (TIN) for an individual is called a Social Security number. The tax identification number for a business entity is usually called an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or just a TIN. It is up to a vendor to provide the correct TIN for filing.

No, but consent is required for electronic delivery (eFile).

If a vendor does not respond by the email deadline, can I send the 1099 by both mail and email?

You can choose to mail and email each vendor as needed in Tax1099.

Do I need to sign the 1096 form when I efile?

The 1096 form is not required when you eFile.

Do I have to use 1099-K if I paid my bills through Bill.com? What if I paid using a debit or credit card?

  • 1099-MISC forms must be sent to vendors you paid through Bill.com.
  • 1099-K forms are not required for payments made through Bill.com using ACH.

1099-K forms are sent through a third-party settlement entity to people who were paid with funds received from another source (ex: paid funds from debit/credit card transaction to a merchant that the card owner made a purchase from).

If the payment was processed by a third-party settlement entity for credit or debit cards, they will issue a 1099-K instead of a 1099-MISC. The payment card networks are required to submit gross sales information reporting (IRS Form 1099-K) to the IRS for each merchant.

Note: Bill.com is not a third party network and does not make third party network payments. We are not a Payment Settlement Entity.