Email notification for new sign-in

Email notifications are sent when an account is accessed from a computer or browser not previously identified with the user. This security update was deployed on 8/18/2017, making this the date that the saving of device information begins

What triggers this notification

  • A first time sign-in from a device or browser since the security update on 8/18/17
  • A sign-in using a browser’s incognito or private browsing mode
  • A sign-in after clearing the browser cookies
  • The first time Hubdoc, an app for sending documents to, syncs to after this new security feature is enabled as this will register as a new login to

What to do

If you recognize the sign-in

  • No action needs to be taken

If you do not recognize the sign-in

  1. Change your password
  2. Review account for unusual activity
  3. Contact Customer Support

Things to know

  • Learn more about keeping your account secure by reviewing the Password management and Tips for password security articles
  • Have each User create their own unique sign-in credentials
  • Do not share sign-in credentials with anyone
  • The first sign-in on each device after the update is saved to suppress future email notification
  • No devices have been saved prior to 8/18/2017, therefore an email will be triggered even if a device has been used previously to sign-in prior to the update