Adding a bank account with online banking

To pay bills or get paid using, a bank account will need to be added to the account. If you do not have the online banking credentials to add a bank through the online process, review the article for steps to add the bank information manually and verify the account setup through a test deposit.

The "Pay bills via" User permission is required to add a bank account to By default, the Administrator and Payer roles have this permission.

Adding a bank account instantly with online banking

Adding a bank account with online banking

  1. Click the gear icon
  2. Under Your Company, click Bank Accounts
  3. Click Set up new bank
    • If required Company Profile information has not been filled out previously, this step will redirect you to the Company Profile page. Fill out required information to proceed.
  4. Click Verify instantly
    • Complete the identity verification process
  5. Click Continue
  6. Click the bank name (or search for the bank)
    • Enter online banking login credentials and click Submit
    • If using Multi-Factor Authentication for online banking, follow the prompts)
    • Click Continue
  7. Select the accounts to use with, adding the category (Business or Personal) and name on the account for each and click Continue
  8. Click Get started

Things to know

  • An email will be sent to all Administrator Users on the account when a bank account is added
  • Once the bank account is active, the Bank Authorized User can nominate other pay permission Users to be authorized to pay bills from the same bank account
  • Only US-based bank accounts can be added as a bank account in
  • There is no limit to the number of bank accounts that can be added to